Company Profile

Aus Asia Industries specialises in supply chain management and the trading of alcohol products, fresh vegetables, seafood, meats, dairy products, and more. With a keen eye for innovation, Aus Asia Industries also acts as an agent within Australia, helping bring cuttingedge products to market quickly.

Headquartered in Australia, Aus Asia Industries has an expanding customer base in Asia – including China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and India – and in African nations like Sudan, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.

Then & Now

Aus Asia Industries began in June 2002 as CTM Trading Company, a small exporting operation. Having built the business on a robust, proactive model, CTM Trading, after four years, evolved into a large supply chain management company focussed on providing scalable solutions and high-volume deliverability. In April 2006, Aus Asia Industries had already staked its claim as a sizeable player in the global export industry. Today, Aus Asia Industries continues to provide quality, cost-effective products with market-leading speed and efficiency.

Carlo Calvi – Executive Chairman

Carlo has seen the evolution of Aus Asia Industries from its inception as CTM Trading Company to the market-leading force it is today.

Thirty-five years’ experience in the procurement and sale of fresh fruit and vegetables has given Carlo a wealth of experience and knowledge in the operation of this industry on both a domestic and export basis. He led the growth of Aus Asia Industries’ multi-disciplinary team, finding and cultivating experts in meat, wine, seafood, and more.

Add to this Carlo’s intricate understanding of air, sea and road freight logistics, an expertise which allows the company to offer a complete service to its customer base. By focussing on quality, correct product handling, and dealing with like-minded growers and freighters, Carlo’s operational rationale will fit into any customer’s quality control system.

A commitment to knowledge, integrity, reliability and quality make up the cornerstone of Aus Asia Industries, Carlo, and his team.

Carlo Calvi