Food & Safety Quality

Australia has an international reputation for maintaining the highest standards in food safety and quality, and Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. has applied this commitment through its global operations.

Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd.’ in-house shipping and export documentation departments work closely with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) and equivalent authorities in other countries.

Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. also works closely with import authorities to ensure the product complies with local health requirements. For example, offal exported to the European Union is certified to be derived from animals entire free of hormonal growth promotants.

All products are slaughtered and prepared under stringent hygiene regulations according to the exacting standards stipulated by local health and quarantine authorities. In Australia, this means that all the product is packed and frozen within two hours of a given animal slaughter.

Halal Certified

The Muslim consumer market is very important to the Australian meat industry. Australia has a Government Supervised Muslim Slaughter System (AGSMS) which ensures high quality product that is strictly Halal (“lawful” in Arabic).

Australia is recognised as a world leader in Halal meat production. For its success, the AGSMS relies heavily upon the involvement and expertise of various Islamic organisations. These organisations are licensed to supervise, inspect and certify all Halal meat and meat products by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS).

Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. is a major exporter of meat products to Muslim markets, offering Halal Certified meat processed by registered Muslim slaughter-men in accordance with Islamic rites. 

Australian Meats

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