Powdered Milk

Australia and New Zealand dominate the world market in milk by contributing nearly 50% of all internationally traded dairy products. Products which flow from the Australian and New Zealand Dairy industries are of the highest quality, meeting all the relevant and necessary International and Domestic Quality and Safety Standards.

Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. has partnered with some of these farmers to supply high quality powdered milk. Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. is currently positioned to capitalize on the resulting high demand, offering long and short-life full cream and skinny milk powders.

Commitment to Quality!

At Nutura, the mission is to provide premium quality formulas manufactured to the highest possible standards. That’s why they don’t just conform to Australian food manufacturing requirements; they exceed them. Nutura is the most advanced formulation and contains a blend of scientifically researched ingredients designed to give your child the best start in life. As well as being 100% australian owned, Nutura is made from 100% Australian dairy and is manufactured in a dedicated facility in Melbourne.

The highly qualified team of expert nutritionists, dieticians, food technologists & quality assurance specialists are committed to producing quality products to the highest possible manufacturing practices and standards. 

• All ingredients that enter the facility are sent away for independent testing prior to use. This is to protect the integrity and consistency of Nutura products even before they are made.

• The finished product is sent away for a full independent testing prior torelease (not required under the current Australian standards).

• We have a stringent quality assurance process to ensure that all of the suppliers conform to our unique high manufacturing practices and standards.

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