Australian vines; guaranteed quality

Australia has more than 60 designated wine regions, offering a diversity of grapes and wines to rival global producers and ensuring quality wines are available at every possible price point. It is a country blessed with an enormous diversity of soils, allowing for vast offering of varietals in all seasons.

Australia boasts landmark wines of a distinct pedigree, elegance and longevity which cannot be duplicated. This reputation will undoubtedly grow as Australian innovation in winemaking reaches new frontiers.

Accounting for just 5% of the total world wine production, Australia is currently the fourth largest exporter by volume behind the traditional wine producing giants of Italy, France and Spain.

Our Service

Wine Provision Services

Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. has access to both bulk and packaged wine products from the various wine regions throughout Australia. Thanks to its close, long-standing relationships with major Australian producers, Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. is able to create boutique wines and ranges to suit individual and high-volume commercial requirements.

Wineries in the local area include: Fosters Limited (South Corp Rosemount, Beringer Blass), McWigeon Wines, BRL Hardy Limited, Zilzie Wines, Trentham Estate, Deakin Estate Wines and Evans & Tate. Specialist wine producers marketed and distributed by the company include Jasmine Wines, Sunview Wines and Lirup Wine Company.

Bottled and Packaged Wines

Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. is one of very few companies able to coordinate the creation of custom-made wines specific to a client’s target market. This includes access to a vast design network skilled in graphic design, bottle design, printing, and packaging. Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. provides its clients an all-purpose market-ready solution.

Flexibility allows clients to select the amount of customised product they require – from single bottles to high-volume shipments. And specialising in both domestic and export transport logistics, Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. Industries ensures a client’s product is produced and transported from its winery to a given destination port in a quality and timely fashion.

Bulk Wine

Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. has access to large quantities of generic premium wine and can offer an exporting solution with complete quality assurance. Bulk wine contained in 24,000-litre bladders can be exported to any Australian Wine and Brandy Corp-approved bottling facility in the world. This means clients can access the commercial benefit of generic wine customised to bespoke specifications.

Additional services

Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. has the ability to coordinate and contract wine grapes directly from their sources, thanks to associations with larger family- and corporate-owned vineyards. This, in large volume orders, allows for a reduction in overall wine cost while ensuring supply is maintained in both quality and quantity.

To achieve the lowest base cost Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. provides the service of analysis of a given vineyard’s operational and financial performance, with the view of the property being ultimately purchased by the customer. Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. then contracts the vineyard management operation to one of its specialist farm management groups. The aim is to control the whole wine  making process, achieving the lowest cost per litre possible for the customer.

Our Wine

Golden Wattle

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Coonawarra

This Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from premium vineyards in the world famous South Australian region of Coonawarra. With a deep crimson blue, voluptuous and full-bodied tone, it has all the outstanding features of a classic Cabernet Sauvignon. A fine balance between sweet fruit and fine structural tannin. Bright, dark berry flavours give the wine depth and generosity with dusty tannins holding it together. Oak adds a lovely char and spice element to this wine of power and elegance.

Golden Wattle

2017 Shiraz Barossa

This Shiraz is filled with intense aromas of dark blackcurrants, ripe plums, chocolate and white pepper. The flavours perfectly combine on the palate due to the extended maturation in new French and American barriques. These flavours compliment the fruit aromas with smoky overtones and mocha nuances. A very elegant style of wine.

Kiwi Bay

2017 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

From the most recognised location in all of New Zealand, delivers this benchmark style Sauvignon Blanc. The nose is fresh with delicate aromas of tropical, fresh-cut passionfruit and is given complexity by the river stone and white apple notes. The palate is refreshing in its purity and intensity, with lime, citrus and passionfruit flavours.

After more than a decade in the industry, Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd. has created iron-clad relationships with fine spirit distilleries across Australia and New Zealand. These relationships, along with access to Australia’s leading label design and printing companies, have enabled Dragon Investments Corporation Pty Ltd.  Industries to work alongside its international clients to develop spirits of the highest quality. Clients have access spirit products manufactured from the pristine waterways of the New Zealand and Victorian highlands ensuring a unique and market-leading boutique product.

“Developing the highest quality alcohol products at incredibly competitive prices for the international marketplace.”

Our Spirits

Nostrovia Vodka

Charcoal Filtered Triple Distilled 700ml 37% 

Nostovia is an incredibly clean vodka, that contains a Rich, full-bodied and complex flavour all while still being a very smooth and mellow vodka with a distinct character of grain. This incredibly smooth charcoal iltered, triple distilled Vodka will not disappoint. Made from the highest possible food grade wheat base spirit and highest quality Australian spring water. Personalised labels available for high volume customers.


Cranberry & Peach Mixer 700ml 21%

The creators of WP23 have taken their time to develop the very best premixed shooter. WP23 is the highest quality wet pussy shooter and is available premixed in a 700ml bottle, creating 23 of the tastiest shots. WP23 offers your venue higher profits, saves valuable time and minimises spillage. WP23 has been designed and made available to suit any hospitality venue.

Perfect blend of Cranberry, Peach, and vodka flavours. Made with premium grade wine base spirit, which allows purchasers to avoid spirit taxes within their country. The WP23 style shot is currently the most frequently ordered shot within nightclubs and bars around Australia.


Premium Flavoured Fortified Wine 700ml 21%

Belanov is a range of premium flavoured fortified wine. 100% Australian made using grapes sourced from Australia’s finest wine growing regions. The beauty of Belanov is in its versatility. It can hold its own over ice or play nicely with a range of flavours, Making it the perfect mixer for your favourite cocktail.white apple notes. The palate is refreshing in its purity and intensity, with lime, citrus and passionfruit flavours.